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Community centre campaign off to a $1-million start ​

PELHAM — Gary Accursi can remember back in the 1970s when proponents for a new arena in town came knocking on his door.

While he’s now a town councillor, at the time the dentist was still fairly new to town. He moved to Pelham 44 years ago. He decided to chip in to that fundraising campaign. As he recalls it was about $10 he contributed to the Pelham Arena that now …

Seeing It With Your Own Eyes

As I get older, I feel the need to travel more. It is part of the three “G” phases of later years in life: Go-Go, Go-Slow, and No-Go. Apparently, I’m still in the first phase.

The main reason for travel has nothing to do with getting away from my daily life, but to be inspired. Today, more than ever, I feel like we need …

The Positive Effect of Immigrants

A lot has been written about why Trump was successful in winning the most recent U.S. election. One of the main factors was perhaps the fact that he was able to articulate what a lot of Americans believed to be true: immigrants are stealing their jobs.

In Canada and in particular, Ontario, we have been blessed with robust immigration numbers as long as I have lived here. In the last century, …

How to Expand Your Customer Base in B2B

These days C-level executives are very frustrated with the fact that introductions to new clients are such hard work. In the past, one could rely on sales people to initiate the brunt of the new business development work. Together with marketing departments, product managers were only working on market share calculations and ensuring that new product or new service introductions were being handled on time, to ensure that revenue goals …

The Value of the Millennials in Your Workforce

A lot has been written about workforce development anxiety in Canada. How when the Boomers retire, the world as we know it will grind to a halt. Because, they have all the experience and therefore when they walk out the office, or exit the company doors, there goes the knowledge and experience of the entire generation and how it will affect company operations.

To an extent, there is perhaps …

Economic & Social Impact Report

Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery

A single arts exhibition at the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery (JNAAG) in Sarnia, ON generated between $738,022 – $1,585,240 in revenue for the entire community.

After developing the communications strategy and marketing plan, Interkom had the pleasure of coordinating the execution of the plan and all the marketing efforts for the Masterworks from …

“Money isn’t everything to Millennials”

The Burlington Post featured our very own Account Director, Kayla van Zon.
Originally Posted on: February 27, 2017

Feature project about the employment of millennials in today’s environment and their work experiences. Kayla von Zon, 28, Christopher Reuse, 26, Brad Smith, 33. February 6, 2017

Three Burlington millennials are breaking preconceptions about their demographic cohort when it comes to what …

The Power of GIFs

Social media blogs like Hootsuite & Sprout Social constantly reiterate the importance of using visuals on social media. After all, 90 percent of the information we absorb is visual.

Yet, you may be asking yourself what other options exist for spicing up my social content? GIFs are a great option that can add a certain amount of charm to your …

3 Ted Talks to Inspire You

It’s hard not to be inspired when there are so many people sharing brilliant ideas about how to improve our lives or the lives of those around us. Today, we’re sharing some of our favourite TED Talks to get you energized for the rest of your week.

How to Gain Control of Your Free Time – Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam shares advice on how to gain control of your free time. …

6 Tips for Combating Workplace Stress

Even when you work with a great team, stress can still get the best of you. We’ve compiled a list of tips & techniques to help you take a breather on a busy day.


Headspace is a fantastic guided meditation & mindfulness app that can help you take your mind off of work-related stress. Their free …

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