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6 Tips for Combating Workplace Stress

Even when you work with a great team, stress can still get the best of you. We’ve compiled a list of tips & techniques to help you take a breather on a busy day.


Headspace is a fantastic guided meditation & mindfulness app that can help you take your mind off of work-related stress. Their free trial offers 10 different 10-minute sessions that will guide you through the basics of mindfulness. Headspace’s short sessions are perfect for your lunch break or you can incorporate them into your morning routine.


If you work long hours sitting at a desk, changing your posture can have a massive impact on your daily outlook. Try inviting your coworkers to take a walk with you at lunch. It will give you a chance to get some exercise in, which will boost your endorphins, and it is also the perfect opportunity to build positive relationships.

Weekly Projections

Our team makes a point of meeting at least once a week to evaluate what projects are ongoing or upcoming. This allows us to gauge who is available to take on more responsibility and who needs help with existing tasks. Ensuring everyone is on the same page eliminates the unnecessary stress that arises from impending deadlines, unclear project guidelines, and lack of communication.

Take a Breather

Try to find time during the workday to take stock of how you’re feeling and what you’ve already accomplished. This can help re-center your efforts and allow you to use the rest of your time more productively. If you’re able to, create a daily or weekly to-do list that identifies the three most important things to accomplish each day. Too many tasks on your list can leave you feeling unaccomplished and overwhelmed.


This can’t be done during the workday but often, what you do outside of work directly impacts your performance during the day. Take time each evening to unplug (i.e. put away distractions, logout of your email, etc.) and do something that you enjoy. Watching a movie, exercising or spending time with loved ones can help you focus on what matters and ease some of your worries.

Get Help

A lot of people don’t reach out for help when they need it. Asking your coworker to help you with a difficult project or to read over something you’ve already done can alleviate stress and improve your quality of work.

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-Sydney Dusselier