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Excitement Unfolding in Niagara Region

As if it wasn’t enough that Niagara Region is home to the awe-inspiring falls, many of Canada’s most-renowned wineries, and an incredible arts, entertainment and cultural scene, the Region continues to expand its offerings to residents and tourists with fresh projects and initiatives geared toward lifting up the next generation.


Interkom President Martin van Zon recently visited Innovate Niagara, a group focused on the principle of innovation through collaboration. He came back to the office and told us about what a great space it is and about all of the incredible services and resources they provide aspiring entrepreneurs. We are big believers in entrepreneurship and supporting people in achieving their goals – this is a huge reason why we have supported Pythons’ Pit since its inception – so everyone at the office was really excited to learn about Innovate Niagara.

Although Interkom isn’t situated in Niagara Region, we are so thrilled to have clients in the area who, like Innovate Niagara, contribute to the region’s well-being and progress. In addition to working with Niagara Symphony Orchestra, we also work on the performing arts centre project that will be opening its doors in downtown St. Catharines in 2015. To work on exciting projects such as these, collaborating with amazing staff members and volunteers, has been so rewarding.

Key Cultural Players

Even more exciting is the fact that the NSO and new performing arts centre are key cultural players with the ability to make meaningful contributions to the Region. In addition to offering residents and tourists experiences that engage and inspire them, the new performing arts centre will physically change the face of St. Catharines downtown. The new facility will be a gorgeous state-of-the-art academic and arts complex (two of the four venues will be used by Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts students); when doors open in 2015 a new era will be ushered in. All of us at Interkom feel not only lucky to witness Niagara Region’s profound transformation, but also lucky to participate in this renaissance.