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Four Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Four Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Welcome to the Digital Age! Of course, we’ve been in it for quite some time, but things are accelerating at a quicker pace than many of us ever imagined. 

Living in this age of global internet use means that our businesses must adapt, grow, and cater to the emerging digital world. Your business requires the proper tools (and use of those tools) to thrive in this environment. Digital marketing provides infinite possibilities and is a highly effective way of promoting your business, brand and product/service to a radically larger audience than before. However, even if you’re on the right track with this, it’s good to brush up on the common mistakes made so you can continue to avoid them and ensure that your strategy remains effective.

Here are four common mistakes in digital marketing:

Avoiding Social Media

Not only is social media an essential way to turn a cold audience into a warm one and entice leads into being customers, but it adds a value beyond reckoning to your business: legitimacy. If your social media manager knows what they’re doing and how to connect your unique brand message with people online, it will absolutely change how your content spreads, who you reach, how people view your business, and how much genuine engagement you receive. Don’t skimp on this! If you need some inspiration, check out our blog on How to Build Your Instagram Profile.

Poor Website Design & Aesthetic

I have mentioned this on our blog before, but it is so critically important that it must be repeated once more: your website should exude the personality of your brand. It should be easy to navigate, pleasing to look at, and it should contain all the necessary information one would need to know in order to be interested or committed to your product/service. Buttons should be easy to find, colours should compliment each other, and your Call to Action should be identifiable. Any promotions or discounts should also be displayed. Remember: having an informative and welcoming website is vital to your efforts to turn visitors into customers.

Not Utilizing Testimonies

I don’t know about you, but I always read reviews before I visit a business or purchase from them online. Whether it’s a pair of jeans or a meal, I want to know what people have said before me so I can make a more informed choice in what I invest my time and money into. Seeing examples of happy, satisfied customers undoubtedly encourages more visits and purchases. Be open to receiving (or asking for) testimonials and success stories from your happy customers to ensure that others have something solid with which to inform themselves. You can either share these testimonials on your website, updating them occasionally, or you can share these on your social media – this latter method often results in other people being prompted to reply with their own success stories as well, adding even more to your queue!

Poor Customer Service

There’s nothing worse than poor customer service and the under-appreciation of the people who contribute to the success of your business! Gratitude and compassion are infectious, and a whopping 70% of customers surveyed will continue business with you if their concern or complaint is resolved. Showing that you actually care and are willing to commit the time and effort to helping your customers is a massive advantage over your competition, who might have less-than-stellar reviews about their customer service.

Offer help in a clear place on your social media or website so that people know they have access to it. This may be a Contact Us page, a helpline, or it might look like something else depending on your business. Just be sure that if someone needs assistance, it’s easily found and easily accessible!

Now that you’re aware of four common mistakes in digital marketing, check out our Easy Summer Marketing Ideas for other tips on getting the most out of your summer strategy!

Catch you in a few weeks,
Petra Nyhuis, Account Manager