Growth Spurt

Target is doing it. Nordstrom is doing it. Tommy Hilfiger is doing it. Are you wondering what singular activity it is that these diverse companies are all currently doing?

They’re covering more ground, hitting more audiences. They are increasing their market share. And they are expanding.

Expansion is a common goal associated with business and it can mean different things within different contexts. There are countless articles devoted to providing guidance on how you can expand your business right now. Regardless of industry, existing business size, or the type of expansion, expansion signals growth, success, and a desire to be even better.

Growth is natural and exciting, especially so when it comes to business. Recently Interkom has expanded as well – internally, that is. We are so pleased to share that we have taken on three new interns, and are welcoming two more next week. The fresh perspectives and skill sets filling our office have rejuvenated all of us and the new group dynamic has totally pumped up the energy and spirit of collaboration we pride ourselves on. I think I speak for the entire team when I say how excited we are to see how our team continues to transform as everyone settles in.

Keep your eyes peeled on this space. I will definitely be posting more often and my new colleagues Safa, Saeko, Steve, Calina or Kristine may even drop in to make a guest appearance!

– Lauren