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Lights, Camera…Taxi?

From ‘tweeting’ to ‘checking-in’, our world exists more and more on the screen of a smartphone these days. The convenience of instant communication, superior organization, and an unlimited amount of knowledge at one’s fingertips has become a necessity in a world where whatever your need may be, you better believe there’s an app for it.

Burlington Taxi Shoot

The Interkom team received the opportunity to start planning the promotion of Burlington Taxi’s new mobile application. This convenient app allows consumers to order a taxi at the tap of a button through the use of GPS. As an added bonus, the app also provides live-tracking, letting users know exactly how close their cab is at any given time, as well as an approximate cost for your trip. Needless to say, we were quite excited to get to work on this project.

With the introduction of any new application, there is bound to be a bit of a learning curve. To ensure that consumers understand the full capabilities of the mobile app, and to formally introduce it to the community in a cool and unique way, our team decided to shoot a promo video doing just that.

Collaborating with our videographer, the Interkom team developed a concept illustrating the many features of the new app, its benefits, and where it can be downloaded. With our concept, scripting, and cast set in stone, all that was left was to decide on an ideal shoot location. Lucky for us, Jimmy Zereneh of Tamp Coffee was gracious enough to let us use his café, keeping us fueled with specialty coffee and home-made baked goods as we worked. Tamp offered a great atmosphere for us to shoot, with optimal lighting, and a unique décor that looked fantastic on camera.

As the morning rain forecast quickly transformed into bright blue skies for the afternoon, the weather was definitely on our side as we filmed outdoors. Even in the sweltering heat, our actors Nevena and Oz kept cool, exhibiting great on-screen chemistry without breaking a sweat.

As the shoot day came to a close, our team could not be more pleased with the footage captured, but there was still much to do. Entering into post-production, our next step was to track down the perfect voice to accompany our footage. Matching the right voice to what appears on screen is an important part of developing a consistent message. Instability of sound and image can lead to distraction, pulling an audience away from key messaging, and putting focus on what seems wrong.

As we pull into the final lap of video revisions, and put the finishing touches on our marketing plan, our team at Interkom is looking forward to introducing the Burlington Taxi mobile application to the community. Be on the lookout for the promotional video on your newsfeeds over the next couple weeks, and head to the app store to download the app today!

 – Steve