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Spring Cleaning Your Workspace

Spring cleaning time is just around the corner already!

It feels like the tail end of 2021 was only last week, and yet here we are, ready to once again leap forward this weekend. The sky is bright blue and the birds are singing outside my window as I write this; a wonderful touch of inspiration for today’s blog.

Although I am sentimental about certain things, I always enjoyed doing spring cleaning around the house when I was younger and even more so as I grew older and began to collect my own things in adult life. Over time, the “stuff” we possess, whether in real-life or in the digital realm, begins to carry a weight that’s more than physical: it carries old clients, old relationships, old memories, or old versions of ourselves that we’ve outgrown.

It’s good to let some of those things go, so that new people and new opportunities may occupy that space. This is the Year of the Tiger, after all, a time for action and forward-motion.

Here are a few ways to detox your workspace (and your mind) with the coming of spring:

Go Through Paper Products First

Last weekend, I went through a big box of old cards and letters I somehow kept during the interprovincial move last summer. I couldn’t believe how many of the letter-writers I could hardly remember, or how many random knickknacks were left in there. Why was I keeping these things if I couldn’t even place their significance?

In the end, I threw out a garbage bags’ worth of paper products that were only serving as clutter.

If you have a filing cabinet, it might be time to maintain it or perhaps find a new method of organization. Only keep things that actually make sense to keep, or things that must be stored securely (tax files, etc.) Get rid of anything that is no longer useful or that no longer means anything to you (this sometimes requires us to get out of sentimentality, or the past.) While you are at it, it might be time to invest in a paper shredder. You definitely don’t want to leave any sensitive information in tact if it’s getting thrown away.

Removing old paperwork, especially from your work area, will help you look and feel more ordered and professional.

An organized workspace after a cleaning
Next, Your Computer

When is the last time you decluttered your computer?

This is something I try to stay on top of every week, as pictures and other files tend to pile up quickly. My process is to start with the downloads folder, and work my way through from there.

Delete any unnecessary files, or if you aren’t sure if you should delete them, put them on an external hard drive for safekeeping and remove them from your computer (e.g., files from an old client you might need again.) Digital decluttering can be a mentally draining process, so be mindful and take a break if you need one!

This might go without saying, but just in case you haven’t done so already, take a few minutes to create separate folders and subfolders for different projects or clients. It’s significantly better than experiencing the anarchy of having all of your work in one area. 

Actually Clean 

Now it’s time to clean, for real.

Do what you have to do, whether it’s clean the dusty blinds, vacuum the carpet, mop the floor, or remove the gunk out of the abyss of your keyboard. Heck, even give the baseboards a wipe! The dark of winter tends to be more forgiving about these things, but the sunlight of spring will make you notice a whole lot of dirt and dust. However, after this phase, you’ll be breathing much less polluted air (and with a sense of accomplishment!)

Spruce Up the Place

Take a look around. Have you had the same pictures in the same spots on the wall forever?

Spring brings a wonderful burst of life force creativity, so you may be feeling that your room is in need of some new zest. Bring forth something inspirational and magical in your office with this influx of energy! Put up some new art, install a funky new armchair somewhere, paint the walls something bright, or buy a canvas and some paint from the store and create your very own piece of artwork for your space. The possibilities are endless!

With that, we hope you have a productive and fun time giving your workspace a refreshing overhaul. For more tips on switching up your space, check out our Tried and True Home Office Design Tips Blog!

Until next time!
Petra Nyhuis, Account Manager