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What Mobile Means to Your SEO

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Mobile SEOAccording to Search Engine Watch, 2014 will be the year of mobile SEO. The Google Algorithm update, Hummingbird was just the tip of a very large iceberg as Google responds to the rapidly shifting landscape where almost 50% of people own smartphones and at least 30% own tablets. 

As a result, your website’s mobile performance matters heavily to your SEO rankings. Websites and content that you’re trying to rank need to be designed for mobile and then scaled up for the big screen. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, this needs to be your top priority in terms of SEO and design investments for 2014 – this is where Interkom can help!

In 2014, a mobile-friendly site, like Responsive Website Design will be fundamental to a successful mobile SEO strategy. The growth of mobile traffic is surging. According to the Bright Edge Mobile Share Report, smartphone traffic increased 125 percent as compared to desktop growth, which increased only 12 percent.

In addition, Page Load Speeds can have a significant impact on mobile user-experience and conversions. Based on research by the Nielsen Group, Google wants mobile pages to load in one second or less to deliver a positive experience, and keep the user engaged. More than one second disrupts the users’ flow of thought. According to Google, the average mobile page load speed today is over 7 seconds.

Finally, an important SEO tip: 

Understanding mobile-user intent also impacts the types of keyword phrases an SEO strategy should incorporate. In 2014, it will no longer be enough to simply combine keywords with a location. Keywords will have to be considered in context as more mobile users utilize voice search and ask search engines specific questions.

For example, someone performing a voice search for a local dentist may ask their smartphone, “where is the nearest dentist?” as opposed to typing “dentist + location.” Since these search results are determined in large part based on the mobile user’s location, an SEO strategy that promotes the dental office location and incorporates conversational search terms within its content, may have an edge over competing dental offices in the same area.

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