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Liburdi Automation

Video Production & Editing

Storyboard development, video shooting, and editing


As the industry forerunner in turbine repair, Liburdi identified the need for welding automation as early as the 1980’s, and revolutionized the repair of turbine components. Today, the product line of Liburdi Automated Welding Systems (LAWS) has become the industry standard. They’ve continued their legacy of innovation by introducing intuitive AI and 4.0 technology. The system can monitor weld quality, provide feedback to the operator, make adjustments and store welding data.

In order to reflect the advanced technology Liburdi possesses, Interkom’s videographer did an amazing job capturing the difficult-to-film automated welding process and demonstrating the minute details.

The final videos were like “programs you watch on the Discovery Channel” according to the client’s comments. In addition, subtitles were added to the videos and the videos were show to Liburdi’s international clients to help showcase the company’s capabilities and technology depth.