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The Peel Children’s Centre (PCC) is a not-for-profit child and youth mental health service provider within the Region of Peel. PCC has been helping children, teenagers and their families deal with mental health problems since 1985 through the provision of both free and private measurable services, counselling and programs. Services include day treatment in school and residential treatment. Staff and volunteers are highly dedicated to make a positive impact on the lives of families in the community through the provision of these services.

PCC is mandated to enhance and improve the various existing online communication channels in order to make information more accessible and easier to find. This endeavour was designed to be rolled out over two or more phases, the first of which involved building and launching the website.

The endeavour is the new brand name for the access/intake service currently known as Mental Health Services for Children and Youth (Centralized Intake) and/or Peel Coordinated Intake Network (PCIN). The website is the main access point to the CYMH system in Peel for eligible children and youth from birth to age 24. The website is also the “What, Who, How and Why” information channel for key audiences such as parents and caregivers, professionals working with children, youth and families, and the general public.